Your cat's pampered getaway

Our brand new, bright and spacious cat room boasts a wide assortment of climbing trees, cat perches, comfy chairs and toys to keep even the most finicky cat entertained and comfortable during their stay at Barkers. Our social guests are free to explore the room, finding their own special place to snuggle down for the night or just a cat nap.

For the solitary cat, we have comfortable cat condos complete with their own bed, litter box, food and water so they can watch the action from the security of their own room.

Be sure to check out our Pet Owners' Bill of Rights and the frequently asked questions. Also, we require that your pet's vaccinations are up to date.


Rates - Cats

One Cat $20/day Two Cats $33/day

If you have three or more cats please contact us for pricing.

Give your pet a pampered vacation. Call us at (780) 460-0505 or request a booking online. We will contact you to confirm availability.